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TEAM NATION now recruiting  [] 

Recruitment Requirements in Team Nation: 

-Have a mic (Recomended for communicate to the other members) 
-Open to running with Team Nation tag 
-14 years above 
-Able to speak english 
-Active on Battlelog as well as Battlefield 4 
-Willing to squad up with other members when available 
-A team player (Run with your squad, play your class etc.) 

We are looking for players to join us who like to work as a team but also enjoy having a good laugh
K/D and SPM are not a major issue for us but we do expect all members to add others on PS3 and battlelog 

All members must speak English and use there mic when playing 
We play as a team and always TEAM NATION (no lone wolf snipers here) 

If your interested in joining drop a post or pm message to 
or apply direct through Battlelog  [] [ 

Or you guys can contact the founder in Batlelog or in PSN 

If you dont have a mic, At leastwe hope you can play like team player or playing objective with the team
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